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Selecting the parent/upper HTML element
Selecting the parent/upper HTML element

Highlight wider HTML areas with the Chrome Extension.

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The Tooltip element enables you to highlight a specific item in your product. Thus, you can point out a UI element and make a statement about it.

This article will show you how to select the parent/upper HTML element through the Chrome Extension.

Selecting the upper/parent element in the Extension

  • Click on the Tooltip and create it from scratch or select a template.

  • Position your cursor upon any of the elements of the area you want to highlight.

  • Then, click on the up arrow of the keyboard. This way, you can select the upper HTML element.

  • Bit by bit, you can expand the area you are going to highlight

  • Click or hit Enter to save your current selection.

  • Type in the content you want to have in the Tooltip or add new components.

  • Finally, Save and preview your Tooltip.

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