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Container Code Embed Status Warning
Container Code Embed Status Warning

How to check if a container code is still properly embedded in your web application?

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πŸ”΄ Container Code Embed Status Warning is fired when we detect inactivity from a container code. When you receive it in your panel, we advise you to check your container code where it is embedded.

What is an inactive container code?

When you install UserGuiding on your web platform, you place a unique container code in your source code. If it is successfully embedded, Code Embedding status gets a checkmark βœ… , and it's expected to be active.

An active container code:

  • Can recognize and count end-user visiting your platform where it is embedded.

  • Can show live content (guides, checklist, etc.) to end-users who meet all trigger conditions.

  • Can recognize and group end-users based on conditions you set for user segments.

However, changes you made in your source code sometimes could affect the placement or unity of third-party snippets like UserGuiding's container code.

In those cases, even though embed status displays a checkmark βœ… , your container code won't be able to detect these activities so that it is perceived as inactive.

When UserGuiding detects inactivity from your container code, it advises you to check your code and ensure that UserGuiding is still installed on your web app.

How to activate a container code?

If you find out that a previously active container code is not correctly embedded on your platform page(s) anymore, you can revisit the following help documents.

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