Checklists are onboarding contents containing a list of guides that can be triggered if you click on their names. Every item in a checklist must have a condition to be considered completed and marked with a check.

This article explains how you can create a checklist marked with user actions and hidden when all items are marked.

How to hide a checklist when all steps are completed?

The below Checklist has four guides. If you look at their completion conditions under the Completed When section, it is Guide is Completed, which is the default condition.

By default, if a guide is completed, it means that a user did all steps within it, so it reached its goal and can win the tick on the Checklist.

We want this Checklist to get hidden when all guides are completed; in other words, this Checklist must be visible only to users who yet have not completed all guides.

To have that:

  • Access the Checklists page.

  • Create a new checklist or edit an existing one.

  • Access the Configure tab.

  • Find Appearance Settings and set it to Hide as Completed.

  • Don't forget to Activate your Checklist, Save and click the green Publish Changes button to see the changes.

From this point on, this Checklist won't be displayed to end-users who once completed all items on the Checklist.

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