Self-hosting JS snippet

1. Download your account's JS file

You can use the following snippet

curl{YOUR_CONTAINER_ID}-embedded.js --output userguiding.js

2. Upload it to your offline-accessible host

3. Load UserGuiding script inside your application, preferably within head tags

<script async src={LINK_TO_YOUR_OFFLINE_ACCESSIBLE_HOST}></script>

Disabling outbound calls to get rid of network errors

UserGuiding does not know if it is running offline and tries to make default outbound calls.

Add following before UserGuiding script to disable outbound calls.

<script>window.ugOutboundCallsDisabled = true</script>

Self-hosting images

By default, we upload your images to our AWS S3 buckets. But you don't have access to our cloud on offline mode. So, using an API you can set URLs for step images that link to your offline-accessible storage.

API Docs for Offline Ops

Also, below you can find a video of myself running a demo of this API

UserGuiding JS API

Connect UserGuiding to your application using event hooks & JS methods

We can't provide following services on offline-mode

Usage metrics (# of guides played / completed etc.) feature

NPS surveys feature

User identification feature

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