Before creating a walkthrough, first, define a clear goal for it. Ask yourself what type of behavior you aim to drive from your end-users. If you can focus on this goal while creating the tour, so do the people who will follow that route.

Reaching a certain page, or clicking on a certain button might be the end result of a single Guide. Be sure that all end results of any guide are in sync with the value your product offers.

Do you want them to complete a key action or walk through a confusing process? How do these contribute to the overall user experience you provide in-app?

Once you set an objective, the only thing to do is design the simplest and most engaging guided path that brings the user to that goal.

A Video Tutorial to Learn Creating Product Tours

  • Hint💡: Keep an eye on any active guide's Step Analytics to check whether it has a particular step making people leave the tour. Then, change it to increase the user number, reaching tour goals.

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