We often design product tours to increase end-user engagement with our application since any well-designed walkthrough is a smooth ride to their Aha! Moment.

The first step is where we convince people to go on this journey. It greatly influences end-user's decisions on whether to interact with or dismiss guided tours.

But if you tell them what to do without giving them a reason, it is unlikely they will listen to you. That's why your focus in the first step should be on "why" a user should engage with this tour.

You should give people the motivation to start the tour and underline the goal to be reached. Talk about the benefits of discovering this new feature or speak to any pain points you're going to solve with a guide.

  • Hint💡: By giving options to proceed in the first step of a guide with Custom Buttons you can match different types of users with experiences that suit them.

Remember, the first step is where we make a promise to end-users to carry them to the objective of the tour.

  • Hint💡: If we keep these objectives in line with our value proposition, with each completed guide, the credibility of your product will strengthen in the eye of end-users.

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