It is crucial to talk about what needs to be heard. If you push people through experiences they are not ready to discover from or are not interested in, they will dismiss them.

If you want to nudge people in the direction of their Aha! Moment, first, you should decide who to target with your Guides.

Because a Guide must be relevant to what they actually want to be doing, it should be displayed for users who can use that help and gain a real benefit.

Tip: If you identify your target, you can create and set a user segment and target your Guides toward that audience.

If this is the approach you would take, get ready to put a checkmark on each factor on UX Honeycomb.

Other tips:

  • Don't talk about the same thing to different people. Otherwise, non-relevant or unnecessary guidance will create just "noise" in your application.

  • Determine stages on user experience so you can't engage prematurely or underestimate end-users knowledge.

  • Guides literally must speak to their audience's language. If multilanguage guiding is crucial for your product, learn how to have it.

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