It is not always easy to learn a new product. Try remembering some of your first-time experiences. If not, you might overestimate how much your users know about your product and how to use it.

⚠️ This will lead you to create long, very detailed tours lacking some of the key contexts that actually make the experience useful.⚠️

You already know how important it is to define an objective for a product tour, and how these goals are feeding a user's Aha moment.

Do you also know what is currently stopping a user from reaching that?

  • If it's not knowing what they will gain - tell them at the first step what that is.

  • If it's believing that it's not worth the effort - show them they'll be there in 3 or 4 steps.

  • If it's not knowing what they should do next - explain the friction points, key concepts unique to your product to encourage their desire to explore more.

Hint 💡: Ensure you set the expected time or the number of steps early on. To show the number of steps and progress bar in a guide, activate the Step Progress Indicator.

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