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Displaying materials only to myself
Displaying materials only to myself

Enable the "Only Me" option to show UserGuiding content only to yourself.

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Once UserGuiding is installed on your platform, you can test the published live version of your content from the end-user perspective.

The "Only Me" option can be found on the settings page of your onboarding materials.

Enabling the "Only Me" segmentation

  • Go to the settings page of the content you want to make visible only for yourself.

  • Set Audience Segmentation to Only Me.

  • Save it and publish changes.

Important: To use the "Only Me" option, ensure you're not accessing your website through incognito mode.

If you select your target Audience segment as "Only Me," your content will only show live to you.

You can use this to activate onboarding materials directly in your production environment without affecting the other users.

How does the "Only Me" segment work?

The "Only Me" segment relies on your browser's local storage, not your application's login or authentication.

So when you access your UserGuiding Panel, we store an ID on your browser's cache, and when you go to your app, we identify that it is you.

So, if you access your UserGuiding Panel and then log in to your app with different users, you'll still be able to see your content segmented as "Only Me."

How can I display my content to other segments?

Once you're confident, you can adjust this to display it to others. You can make your guide visible for All Users or a particular group of users, also called a Custom Segment.

For the latter, you need to create segments for your end-users in UserGuiding. Learn more here.

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