What can I achieve with UserGuiding?

Learn what UserGuiding is about and how you can get value from using it.

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UserGuiding is a platform that allows you to deliver an incredible customer experience through interactive guides, checklists, surveys, etc. without writing a single line of code.

Why does User Onboarding matter?

When any customer accesses your platform for the first time, a journey begins at this very moment. Those first experiences with your product — more commonly known as user onboarding — are some of the most important factors in determining your user’s success. You can get it right with UserGuiding since you’ll have a powerful tool for turning new signups into loyal and engaged customers.

Why should I choose UserGuiding?

Here are just a few benefits you'll get from our platform:

  • Increase retention with code-free onboarding software: show new users how your product works and lead them to success;

  • Display your real value at a glance: the sooner people get engaged with your product, the quicker they can convert into active users;

  • Promote new features: with Userguiding, it is easy to inform your customers about the new features that you released on our platform;

  • Offer interactive educational content: embed videos, promote e-courses, and share informative content with each audience;

  • Improve user experience through customer feedback software: measure customer satisfaction with surveys and capture important insights;

  • And much more: to explore other use cases, click here.

An interactive UserGuiding tour in action

I hope you are now more familiar with how UserGuiding can help you achieve your project goals in a simple, intuitive, and fun way.

Start building interactive product tours in minutes with our solution!

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