There are many different reasons to track dates in UserGuiding. UserGuiding already tracks some dates by default, such as when your users are first seen on your website.

You can also send Intercom dates as custom user attributes. For example, you could track the date that a user subscribed to one of your products, or the date they cancelled their subscription.

Once you’re sending these date attributes to UserGuiding, you could ask for an NPS to users who subscribed two week ago, or send a Guide to newly subscribed users to assist with their onboarding.

Tracking date attributes in UserGuiding

There are two steps to track date attributes in UserGuiding about your users:

Step 1: Create a custom attribute on dashboard

  • Go to Segments -> Custom Attributes page and click + NEW ATTRIBUTE

  • Enter the identifier (e.g. subscribed_at), and pick data format as Date

Step 2: Tracking date attribute via JS

Important: When you start sending UserGuiding data for these attributes, make sure to either send the dates as a timestamp in milliseconds, or in a MM/DD/YYYY, or YYYY/MM/DD format:

userGuiding.track('segment', {
"subscribed_at" : 1611176400000, // Send dates in timestamp format

userGuiding.track('segment', {
"subscribed_at" : "01/21/2021", // Send dates in MM/DD/YYYY format

userGuiding.track('segment', {
"subscribed_at" : "2021/01/21", // Send dates in YYYY/MM/DD format

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