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In what formats can I send my date attributes?
In what formats can I send my date attributes?
Learn what formats we accept when sending a user attribute as a date.
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When sending user attributes to UserGuiding, a common use case is to send dates, such as sign-up, subscription and cancellation date, and many others.

With these attributes, you could display a Promoter Survey to users who subscribed two weeks ago or show a Guide to newly subscribed users, for example.

Accepted formats

Please use one of the following formats when sending dates as user attributes.

//Sends date in YYYY/MM/DD format (most recommended since it is a
user-friendly format)

subscribed_at : "2022/01/25"

//Sends date in Unix Epoch format (milliseconds)

subscribed_at: 1626449677000

//Sends date in ISO format (there needs to be 'T' between date and time)

subscribed_at: "2022-01-25T15:00:00.008684+00:00"

//or without milliseconds/timezone

subscribed_at: "2022-01-25T15:00:00"
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