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Monthly Active Users (MAU)
Utilizing MAU quota economically
Utilizing MAU quota economically

Enhance the effectiveness of your MAU quota with User Identification

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This article explains how you can utilize your MAU quota more efficiently by enabling User Identification.

What is MAU?

Monthly active user (MAU) is the total number of unique user IDs that load any page in your platform on which UserGuiding is installed in any given month.

How is MAU calculated?

There are two methods to calculate MAU:

  1. The default method generates a unique ID for each unique visitor. These unique IDs are stored at your local storage.

  2. The user Identification method obtains user IDs that you send and stores them in the cloud.

Can a user be counted twice?

Default Method:

In the default method, if the same user enters a page on which UserGuiding is installed with the same ID (resuming the same browser session), it is not included in the MAU calculation again.

However, if they start a new browser session, clear the browser's local storage, switch computers, or visit the platform incognito, a new ID is generated. Each new ID adds one MAU to your total MAU count.

User Identification:

In the user identification method, dependency on unique browser sessions is eliminated. MAU count will equal the number of user IDs you sent.

What happens when the MAU quota is exceeded?

If the MAU quota is exceeded, you can still use the extension; however, your live content will not be visible to anyone. You can either increase your MAU quota or wait for it to reset to make UserGuiding content available again.

When does the MAU count reset?

Your MAU count resets at the end of each month, regardless of the subscription date.

How to utilize the MAU quota more economically

  • By sending ids to us, you can enable User Identification to take full control over MAU count.

  • You can embed our container code on pages behind the login page. Thus, only users who have access can be counted as monthly active users.

  • You can create custom events on Google Tag Manager to load our container code on specific pages only for particular cases. More information can be found here.

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