You can personalize your Guides and Hotspots by sending user attributes to UserGuiding and inserting them into your content.

You can send relevant information, such as name, email, company name, job role, sign-up date, etc. You can learn more about how to send them through this article.

How can I add user attributes to my Guides and Hotspots?

After sending your desired attributes, open your guide in the Chrome extension. Then, follow the steps below to achieve personalization:

Text Component

  • Select the personalization toolbar of the text component (person icon).

  • Select your attribute, and click Insert.

  • Create a fallback text in case of a missing attribute for a specific user.

Finally, Save your work, go back to Panel, and Publish Changes. The result will be something like this:

Hero & Button Components

  • Insert the name of the custom attribute in between double curly braces manually. (e.g {{first_name}})

  • To add a fallback value, use the pipe character “|” and insert a fallback text before closing the braces. (Ex. {{first_name | there}})

Finally, Save your work, go back to Panel, and Publish Changes.

Important: You won’t be able to see your personalization working through the preview mode while editing your Guides and Hotspots. The user attributes you add will only be displayed on your web platform after publishing changes from the UserGuiding Panel.

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