The Resource Center allows you to provide a more versatile in-product experience for your users by collecting and organizing materials useful for their training and engagement. They can gather and display all your checklists in a single place.

You can use them to make external materials (blog posts, support articles, webinars) available anywhere on your application and provide in-app tutorials that guide users through a specific process in a self-sufficient way.


UserGuiding Resource Center accommodates various modules that can play an essential part in improving access to information. You can select, combine, and customize multiple modules designed to enable users to discover your product and learn knowledge.

There are two main modules by which you can either include multiple UserGuiding contents such as Checklists & Guides. And external URLs such as webinar announcements, tutorials, knowledge-base articles, and so on.

UserGuiding Modules

  • Guides: You can add a single or multiple Guides that consists of a single or a sequence of steps.

  • Checklists: You can add a single or multiple Checklists that consists of a set of Guides.

External URL Modules

  • External URL: You can add external URL modules to direct users to an external source, such as your knowledge base, blog posts, webinars registration page, etc.

🕵️ Search Function: The Resource Center also has a search functionality that includes searching the Resource Center content of your choice.

Common use cases

  • Guides that can be manually activated and available whenever the users need them can help users complete any process you want them to finish.

  • Checklists can help users achieve the milestones you set for the activation process by taking them on a fruitful journey.

  • With Checklists that have the progression option turned on and off coexisting in the same Resource Center, you can automate onboarding while supporting end-users 24/7.

  • You can provide users with answers by including access to knowledge base articles, blog posts, or FAQs.

  • You can promote ebooks, webinar registrations, referral campaigns directly from your app.

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