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Inserting a hyperlink into content
Inserting a hyperlink into content

You can easily embed a link in your text; here’s how to!

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While creating your content (whether a Guide or a Hotspot), you can insert a hyperlink in your text.

Just highlight the text you would like to embed the link and click on the hyperlink button. What is left to do is paste the URL you wish and save it. Voilà, you’re done!

Here’s an example:

Anyone who clicks on this text will be directed to the link you embedded. 🤗

☝️ What’s important to note here is that you definitely need to highlight the text you wish to hyperlink before pasting the URL. If you skip this part, your hyperlink won’t work!

How to unlink a hyperlink 😉

You may have made a mistake or changed your mind after hyperlinking your text. No worries! Here’s how to unlink. All you have to do is highlight the hyperlinked text and click on “Unlink,” which pops up right below it. Save the changes, and you’re done!

Here’s a quick walkthrough:

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