Every type of content added in a Resource Center is called a module. You can add them while creating a new Resource Center or by editing an existing one.

There are three possible types of modules:

Adding Modules

Before adding your first module, ensure to create a Resource Center first. To do that, access the Resource Center section on the menu, and then click upon "+ New Resource Center."

While creating or editing a Resource Center, you can add modules by scrolling down to the "Modules" section and clicking on the "Add a Module" option.


Click on the "Guides" option to add an existing guide and fill out the necessary information.


Choose the "Checklists" option to add an existing checklist. Notice that this module will inherit the checklist's settings, such as progression or unlock checklist items in the order.

External URLs

Select "External URL" to redirect your end-users to external websites. By default, when your end-users click on it, they'll be redirected to a new browser tab.

If you prefer the URL to be opened within the Resource Center widget, just check the 'Display in Widget' option. Nevertheless, your users will still be able to open the URL in a new tab.

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