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How to use the Checklist progression option?
How to use the Checklist progression option?

Learn how the progression option works for Checklists.

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While creating a new Checklist or editing an existing one, you'll notice an option called Progression, which can be turned on or off.

When enabled, your checklist will have a progress bar and checkmark icons for your checklist items.

Use Cases

When turned on

Depending on your user onboarding project goals, you'd need a Checklist more sequentially.

In that case, enabling progression allows you to structure a specific path for your users and give them a sense of accomplishment while completing those steps.

Everyday use cases would be:

  • A sequential journey to explore the basics of a web platform;

  • Using a feature that requires many correlated actions;

  • Presenting a new functionality in a structured way.

When turned off

Other times, you want to present and make your onboarding material in an organized way visible, but having a sequence and step completion is unnecessary. Disabling progression will support you in achieving that.

For that purpose, everyday use cases would be:

  • A help center or a knowledge base where you can support your users 24/7;

  • FAQ questions that could be correlated with the current functionality/web page.

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