Testing your Resource Center before you publish it can be great to ensure that your Resource Center will look and behave with your end-users as expected. Here are a few options to test your Resource Center before publishing it!

Live Preview

Live Preview appears on the right of the panel page while building your Resource Center. It allows you to see how your end-users see your Resource Center on your web platform. It looks like this:

Only Me

Setting the audience to Only Me will limit the Resource Center only to be displayed for you. You can navigate to a page where the Resource Center should display and test it.

Here's how to set the audience segmentation to 'Only Me':

Go to your Resource Center > Settings > Configure > Audience Segmentation

Testing it on the Staging Environment

You can also test your Resource Center on your staging environment. To do that, select the correct targeting URL for this environment.

Also, make sure you select the correct container code installed in your staging environment! Later, you can read our article about moving your content from staging to prod.

Here's how to set the page targeting:

Go to your Resource Center > Settings > Configure > Page Targeting

Publishing the Resource Center

Once you have tested the Resource Center, you are ready to publish it live! First, make sure you modify the targeting settings > set the correct container code > set the Resource Center to active > save and publish!

Now it is visible to your users! 🎉

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