Resource Center has a built-in Search Function that allows you to search through the Resource Center Modules as well as any external knowledge base.

Using the Search Domain function allows your users to search your Knowledge Base directly from the Resource Center, and read your articles from the Resource Center itself when the In-Widget Display function is enabled.

How to enable the Search Domain Function

To enable this function, go to Resource Center Settings -> Content -> Search Function and click on Search Specific URL. Here’s a GIF showing each step:

In-Widget Display

When the In-Widget Display function is enabled, your users will be able to search, scroll through, and read your articles from the Resource Center itself. This will allow you to give an uninterrupted experience to your users!


  • For Intercom and Zendesk users, the In-widget display is read-only, which means that users cannot interact with the displayed pages.

  • If Cloudflare protects your search domain, the in-widget display may receive a “Resource Not Available” error. A workaround for this would be to disable the In-Widget Display so that the articles that come up as search results can be opened in a new tab when clicked.

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