This article explains who is considered a Monthly Active User and how we count a single MAU.

MAU Definition

Monthly active users (MAU) are the total number of unique user IDs that load any page on which UserGuiding is installed on your platform, in any given month. To access your current MAU total, go to Analytics > Dashboard.

How do we count a single MAU?

There are two methods to count an MAU. How we calculate a single MAU will depend on which method you use.

1️⃣: The Default Method

The default method automatically generates a unique ID for each unique visitor.

We designate a single MAU(unique ID) to each user visiting with a unique session. These unique IDs are stored at your local storage.

As long as a user continues to visit with the same browser session, we will only count a single MAU from a user.

Important: The unique ID will remain to exist only during one session. The data is deleted if the session ends. (the user closes the browser tab or clears their browser's local storage)

If the user visiting starts a new session, visits from a different computer, or incognito, a new ID is generated. This session counts as another single MAU.

2️⃣: User Identification

As an alternative to the default method, you can enable User Identification. The user Identification method utilizes user IDs that you send to UserGuiding. Thus, any time a user with an ID sent visits, UG relates the ID stored with their correct user.

Since we store the Ids you sent in the cloud, the MAU count (number of IDs you'd send) renders independent from the unique session count. Enabling user identification cancels the default method.

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