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Is UserGuiding pricing per application or domain?
Is UserGuiding pricing per application or domain?

UserGuiding's pricing is primarily based on the number of Monthly Active Users.

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Rather than pricing per application or domain, UserGuiding’s pricing depends primarily on your Monthly Active Users (MAU) and features. In this article, we explore what the UserGuiding pricing entails.

What is UserGuiding pricing based on?

The pricing is mainly based on how many MAUs you have and which features you require. The more visitors you have on your platform or, the more features you require, the higher the price.

Multiple applications can benefit from a single subscription, and you can install UserGuiding on multiple domains.

This means that you can create different onboarding materials for different applications and embed the corresponding UserGuiding container code in that domain.

However, the total number of applications or domains you can install UserGuiding will depend on your chosen plan. Find out which plan suits you best on our pricing page!

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