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Trying UserGuiding without committing
Trying UserGuiding without committing

Explore UserGuiding without committing with experimentation!

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We know selecting the right tools for your company is crucial! So, here are simple ways to see if UserGuiding is the right choice for you and your company. 🤗

Options to explore UserGuiding without committing

Option 1️⃣: Book a Demo

Book a demo with us! This way, we can show you our tool's power and better understand which challenges you intend to solve with UserGuiding.
In addition, this call will give us the chance to understand your needs and explain how our product fits them.

Option 2️⃣: Explore our Playground

By checking out our sample platform, Playground, you can test our product and its features. Then, see which of these features would best suit the needs of your platform.

Option 3️⃣: Start a free trial

You can download our Chrome Extension for free and start your journey with UserGuiding with a free 14-day trial!
This will allow you to get the whole UserGuiding experience without committing. Here's a glimpse of what you can achieve with UserGuiding.

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