You can apply filters to your Guides and Hotspots on the Chrome extension. This functionality will enable you to pick the material based on the below criteria:

  • Segment

  • Container

  • Status

  • Created Date

  • Updated Date

How to filter your material with different conditions

  • On the Chrome Extension, click on the Filter button within your Guides or Hotspots tabs.

  • Select a filter for the Guides/Hotspots you want to display.

  • You can add up to 10 different filtering conditions at a time.


In this example, I aim to display the Guides that:

  • Doesn’t include “Date” segmentation AND,

  • Are currently active AND,

  • Are created before 1 August 2021.

  • You can use AND or OR conditions depending on your filtering needs.

  • When you’re done filtering, you can hide the filter menu, or you can remove all filters.

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