The Users Page is designed to give you more visibility and understanding of your users' data and help you improve your materials' performance by utilizing the available data.

You can navigate to the Users Page by clicking on Users under Analytics menu.

Common Use Cases

You should explore the Users Page if you would like to:

  • Track your users' behavior when you roll out new products

  • Improve your activation metrics

  • See your users who have interacted with your UserGuiding material and which users fall under the attributes and events of your choice

  • Save and target user cohorts to boost engagement in your product

What can be done on the Users Page?

User-specific Analytics

  • Get a sense of overall and unique interaction data that would help you aim toward a more high-value product adoption

  • List users matching the given attributes and events in the desired period

  • Identify and track product engagement for each user as well as specific segments

  • Track anonymous users and measure their engagement in your application even if you haven’t enabled User Identification.

Important: Users Page can display data for up to 10.000 users. Nevertheless, you will be able to export a CSV of all users' data.

Filtering User Data

  • Filter the user data based on User Attributes, UserGuiding Engagement, Browser Attributes, and User Actions.

Segmenting Users

  • Dig into your end-users by building user groups and create user segments on the fly for targeting content to the right users at the right time

  • Let UserGuiding make use of user attributes and custom events to create powerful user segments & track engagement

Displaying User Attributes

  • You can show your user attributes on the users' list to empower your analysis

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