By default, all your users will see your live onboarding materials. However, by segmenting your audience, you'll be able to target specific users and customize their onboarding experience.

You can create and edit your segments through the Users Page.

Creating a segment

To create a new segment, you need to choose one or more filters from the '+ Filter' button.

In the example below, only trial users from the United States are being retrieved through the page filters. You can learn in detail how to use filters on the Users Page here.

After applying a filter combination, you can give a name to your segment and save it.

Editing a segment

At any time, you can access your saved segments by using the dropdown.

Note: You can also use it as a shortcut to create a new segment

When adding a filter to an existing segment, you can save it as a new one.

And here's how to delete a segment.

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