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Why aren't my browser/user attributes showing results on the Users Page?
Why aren't my browser/user attributes showing results on the Users Page?

Learn more about attributes compatibility with the Users Page.

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In some cases, while filtering your Users Page data, no results will be shown, and some filters will be highlighted in the dotted frame if it's a browser attribute.

In both cases, the chosen filters and their respective data aren't stored in our databases, which is required to retrieve any results from the Users Page.

Note: If you have user segments created with such browser and user attributes, you should know that:

  • They'll continue to function as a part of their designated segments to target specific user groups

  • The same attributes will be visible on the Users Page as filters. However, they can be used only to create new user segments

  • Their only incapacity is to display results within the Users Page

In this article, you'll understand what types of browser and user attributes are part of this category.

Browser attributes

The following attributes rely only on browser sessions so that they won't return any results on the Users Page:

  • Visited page

  • Referrer URL

  • Cookie

User attributes

Since the Users Page can only display results from user attributes stored in UserGuiding databases, the attributes which data source is UserGuiding should be used.

Therefore, the following data sources are not compatible to display results on the Users Page:

  • Cookie

  • Google Tag Manager

  • Global JavaScript (window)

  • Browser Local Storage

If you'd like to return their results on the Users Page, we strongly advise you re-sending them with the suggested methods.

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