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Managing user attributes on the Users Page
Managing user attributes on the Users Page

Learn how to handle user attributes on the Users Page.

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By default, the attributes below are readily available on the Users Page:

  • Web Session

  • First & Last Interaction

  • Browser Data Attributes (Language, Device, Operating System, etc)

Aside from those data attributes, you can also use your users' information & traits by creating user attributes.

Creating user attributes

User attributes can be either sent while identifying your users or anonymously.

You can send any attributes of your end-users that you store. However, when you first land on the Users page and click on the Available Attributes button, you'll see some suggested user attributes to send:

  • user_id

  • email

  • name

  • signup_date

Note: You should enable User Identification to see data from the User ID attribute on the Users page.

You can check this article or share it with your technical team to start sending user attributes.

Using the sent user attributes

Once you send the attributes of your web platform's end-users, you can arrange the table view of your Users page to include or exclude those attributes. To achieve this:

  • Click on the Available Attributes button.

  • Next, check/uncheck the boxes of the user attributes to modify the content of the table.

You can use the user attributes that you send to filter your users and create segments.

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