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Integrating a Knowledge Base into the Resource Center
Integrating a Knowledge Base into the Resource Center

Learn how to use the search function within the Resource Center as your in-widget Help Center.

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Resource Center has a built-in Search Function that allows you to search through the Resource Center Modules and your external knowledge base.

The Search Domain function allows users to search and read your Knowledge Base articles directly from the Resource Center when the Display in Widget function is enabled without leaving your platform.

How can I integrate my Knowledge Base with the Resource Center?

  • Login to your Panel

  • Go to the Settings of your Resource Center

  • Within the Search Function, click Knowledge Base Integration and select your provider (Google or Zendesk).

  • Copy and paste your Help Center / Knowledge Base URL into the Domain field

  • Click the Display in Widget option if you want your users to see the results within the Resource Center

    Important: When using Zendesk, please enter your domain using this format

The result will be like this:

Note: If your Knowledge Base is hosted in Zendesk, you should select it as your provider. However, if your Knowledge Base is indexed by Google regardless of its hosting, you should choose Google.

Also, please keep in mind the limitations of the Custom Search JSON API we currently use when selecting Google. It may not bring the identical result as the main search engine does.

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