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Adding forms into the Guides
Adding forms into the Guides

Learn more on integrating forms and surveys into your Guides to get helpful information/feedback from your users.

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Through a form, your users can evaluate a feature, submit a request, enter details regarding their job roles and companies, and much more!

Let's learn how to integrate a Typeform or Google Forms into your Guides.

Adding an HTML component to your Guide

You can embed a form to your Guide by using an HTML component. For that, follow these steps:

  • Create or edit your Guide through the UserGuiding Chrome Extension

  • Add or edit a step to your Guide

  • Hover over your Guide step and click on + ADD

  • Choose the HTML component

  • Click on the added HTML component block and then on the code icon.

  • There, you can paste the Typeform or Google Forms snippet.

    Note: You can try adding a snippet from another website. We're only suggesting one of these two because we've successfully tested them on our Guides.

Using Typeform

If you decide to go with Typeform, do the following:

  • Access your Typeform account and make sure your form has been published

  • Click on the Share tab and pick the Standard embed option

  • Click on Get the code, and then on Copy Code

  • Paste it to your Guide HTML component

  • Save and preview your Guide

    Note: When pasting the snippet code, it will often show blank on edit mode. This is because you need to preview your Guide to see it in action.

Using Google Forms

If you pick Google Forms, do the following:

  • Access the Google Forms website and choose one of your forms

  • Click on Send, select the embed icon and copy the form width

  • Return to your Guide, click on the Design tab, and switch the width type from Percentage to Fixed

  • Update the Guide width by pasting it

  • Return to your form and click on Copy

  • Paste it to your Guide HTML component

  • Save and preview your Guide

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