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Why is my content not visible after enabling User Identification?
Why is my content not visible after enabling User Identification?
Learn how to troubleshoot this scenario.
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When you enable the User Identification feature, only the identified end-users will be able to see and interact with your UserGuiding content.

This article will explain how to check if your users are being correctly identified and what to do if they aren't.

1) Run the UserGuiding Troubleshooter

  • First, open the UserGuiding Chrome Extension's contextual menu and run the Troubleshooter on the page where your content should be visible.

  • If you see a red warning under the Current User Information section, expand it, and you'll probably notice a red cross on the User Identification Completed.

    That means the identify method has not been triggered for this current end-user; thus, they were not identified.

  • If you want, you can stop reading the article right here and share it with your development team so that they can review and fix their implementation.

    If you need a second confirmation that there is an issue with your User Identification implementation, you or your developers can follow the instructions in the next section.

2) Manually trigger the identify method through your browser's developer console

Please keep in mind that this step is not a solution; it's just a way to simulate that the identify method is not being triggered from your end.

  • With your Troubleshooter open, run your browser's developer console and manually execute the identify method as shown below.

  • The red cross will immediately be converted to a green tick, and your content will be visible.

  • We can confirm that UserGuiding is waiting for the identify method to be correctly triggered from your end. Currently, it's only triggered when done manually from the browser.

    Please, share this article with your development team so that it can be fixed from your end.

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