Can I switch to an EU server?
Learn how to host your content in an EU server.
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When creating a new account, it will be automatically hosted on a US server. However, since UserGuiding is fully compliant with GDPR, you can switch to an EU server located in Frankfurt, Germany.

Note: The UserGuiding Now tool is not compatible with the EU server.

How do I request a server switch?

To proceed with the server switch, reach our support team through the chat widget located at the bottom-right of your UserGuiding Panel.

Important: Please keep in mind that when switching to an EU server, all your Analytics (Dashboard and Users sections) and your Promoter Survey data will be lost, so if server switch is necessary for you, require it as soon as possible.

Will I need to update the Container code embedded into my website?

Once the support team has processed your request, your existing Container(s) will be updated with a new snippet code. Thus, you must copy it from the Containers section and update it on your website.

Your existing Containers will be updated with a new URL, as shown below.

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