Switching to EU server

Learn how to host your content in an EU server.

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When creating a new account, it will be automatically hosted on a US server. However, since UserGuiding is fully compliant with GDPR, you can switch to an EU server located in Frankfurt, Germany.

Note: The UserGuiding Now tool is not compatible with the EU server.

How do I request a server switch?

To proceed with the server switch, reach our support team through the chat widget located at the bottom-right of your UserGuiding Panel.

Note: It is crucial to consider that when transitioning to an EU server, all your Analytics (Dashboard and Users sections) and your Survey data will be lost. Therefore, if a server switch is necessary, please request it at your earliest convenience.

Note: Kindly be aware that moving to an EU server incurs an additional cost for Basic Plans but is free of charge for Professional & Corporate Plans.

Will I need to update the Container code embedded into my website?

Once the support team has processed your request, your existing Container(s) will be updated with a new snippet code. Thus, you must copy it from the Containers section and update it on your website.

Your existing Containers will be updated with a new URL, as shown below.

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