You can install the UserGuiding extension directly from the Chrome Web Store via the Microsoft Edge browser.

Although Edge includes support for extensions from other stores, such as the Chrome Web Store, you need to enable this feature before you can install the UserGuiding extension.

Enabling Chrome extension support

  • Open Microsoft Edge

  • Click the Settings and more (three-dotted) button in the top-right

  • Select the "Extensions" option

  • Click on "Manage Extensions" in the pop-up menu

  • Turn on the "Allow extensions from other stores toggle" switch

  • Finally click the "Allow" button

Now, you can use the Chrome Web Store to install the UserGuiding extension.

Installing the UserGuiding Chrome extension

  • Click the "Add extension" button

Once you complete the steps, the extension should download and install automatically on the Microsoft Edge (Chromium) browser. Then you’ll be able to open the extension from your browser or your panel just like in Google Chrome.

Installing the UserGuiding Now Chrome extension

If you want to implement UG Now on Microsoft Edge, you and your users can follow the same steps above to install the UG Now extension from the Chrome Web Store.

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