The Resource Center has a built-in Search Function that allows you to search through its Modules and your external knowledge base.

In this article, we will list all the Knowledge Base providers that are proven to be working well within our Resource Centers and some tips to enable the search function for them.

Knowledge Base Providers

If your Help Center is hosted by one of the below providers, you can integrate your Knowledge Base and your users will be able to search & read your articles without leaving the Resource Center.









Knowledge Owl

Google Sites



Help Scout



Zoho Desk





Important Notes on Compatibility

Zendesk vs Other Providers

If your Knowledge Base is hosted in Zendesk, you should select it as your provider. However, if your Knowledge Base is indexed by Google regardless of its hosting, you should choose Google.

Indexing your pages

If your Help Center articles are indexed by Google, you'll increase the chances of making them compatible with the Resource Center.

On some platforms, the main page of the Help Center can be indexed, but not the articles.

In that case, please reach out to the support of your Knowledge Base provider and ask them to enable indexing your sub-pages as well.

Once they're indexed, if you still cannot search them through the Resource Center, this is most likely caused by the limitations of the Programmable Search Engine by Google. The limitation arises from the Custom Search API we currently use. It does not bring the identical result as the main search engine does.

In that case, you can add your articles as External URL modules and enable the 'Display in Widget' option.

Content Security Policy

Some Knowledge Base providers have Content Security Policy (CSP) which would restrain the search function or in-widget display.

In that case, you can add your articles as External URL modules and disable the 'Display in Widget' option so that your users will open the Knowledge Base in a new tab.

URL Formats

If your Help Center domain doesn't return any search results in the Resource Center, you could try other available formats from your provider.

For example, in a Zendesk scenario, it is known that the myname.zendesk.com format is compatible with the Resource Center Search Function, whereas help.myname.com isn't.

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