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In-app Communication to Drive Upgrades
In-app Communication to Drive Upgrades

Increase your monthly revenue by communicating with your users at the right place & time.

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Use Case

Using in-app messaging to convince your users to upgrade their current subscriptions is a great way to increase your monthly revenue and the usage of your product. Upgrades, in this manner, cover both freemium/free trial to paid customer conversion and the expansion revenue you get from your existing paying customers as they upgrade or purchase add-ons.

Driving users to upgrade their plan is about communicating with them at the right time and demonstrating the benefits they can get by performing that action. You can use Guides to run targeted campaigns about exceeded usage limits or features on a higher plan.

This Guide will focus on building various upgrade prompts inside your application with UserGuiding. We'll cover:

  • Creating the upgrade prompt

  • Targeting the correct users

  • Testing the experience

  • What metrics will this impact?

The final look of one of the upgrade prompt will look similar to the example we created below:

Creating the contents (Side Notification/Upgrade Banner)

Let's begin by creating the actual content. We'll create two examples: a side notification for driving users to purchase more seats for their team & an upgrade banner to inform users about exceeded usage limits.

1-) Launch the Chrome Extension to create a new Guide

Side Notifications

  • Navigate to the platform page where you'd want your walkthrough to start and open the Chrome Extension.

  • Then, click + Guide, enter Guide's info, add a new step and select the "Side Notification" template under the Modal section.

Pro tip: This modal is where we convince users to consider upgrading their plan. Thus, it would be best to motivate them to click on the CTA by emphasizing the business benefits they can get through this action.

Upgrade Banner

  • Alternatively, you can select the "Upgrade Banner" template under the Modal section to notify users about exceeded limits.

2-) Adding & editing the CTA

  • Remove the standard button, which ends the Guide on the Side Notification template, and add a custom button that links your users to your payment page.

3-) Triggering your feature announcement conditionally

You can control for which user segment and under which conditions your upgrade prompt triggers. You can also select the page(s) where it would appear.

You can also set an appearance frequency for your prompt. For example, it could trigger always when a user from the selected segment arrives at the target page. This is applicable for upgrade prompts that contain information about exceeded plan limits.

4-) Customize

UserGuiding gives you the ability to customize the walkthrough fully.

  • You can personalize the upgrade prompt by including the user's first name.

  • Visuals drive users' attention and can give a visual sense related to the content.

  • You can also fully customize the look & feel of the Guides with Customized Themes.

  • If you have a Theme you're ready to use, make sure this walkthrough is using it.

Targeting the correct users

For this specific use case, we recommend you segment your users based on the limitations of the current plan they are subscribed to & their consumption of those limitations. You can achieve this by sending property to UserGuiding.

Once you decide on the segment, don't forget to set it to the content you've created.

Testing the experience

Setting the audience to Only Me will limit the content displayed for you and your colleagues.

You can navigate to a page where the support content should display, test it to see what it will look like, and publish it when you're ready.

What metrics will this impact?

  • Increase in the Customer Lifetime Value as you'll let your users get more value out of your product with in-app messaging at the right place & time.

  • Increase in expansion MRR by growing the revenue that you collect from your existing customer base.

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