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Organizing content with material tags
Organizing content with material tags

Learn how to utilize material tags

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What are Material Tags?

Material Tags are nifty tools to help you keep your content more organized and make them easier to manage.

You start with three default tags, which you can customize or use as they are.

In addition to those, you can create up to twenty tags.

How to create a new tag?

  • Click on the New Tag button

  • Name the tag

  • Assign a color

How can I create folders to store similar content?

Organizing your content by assigning tags to Guides/Checklists/Hotspots is possible. You can assign multiple tags to one material. Using the tags will allow you to keep track of your material more efficiently.

  • Click on the Edit Tags button

  • Select the tag(s) you want to use

The tags can then be used to filter the content and work as a foldering system.

  • Click on the Filter button

  • Select Tags

  • Filter your content based on tags they have/have not.

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