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How do AdBlockers affect UserGuiding?
How do AdBlockers affect UserGuiding?

Learn why you cannot see your content and how to tackle with AdBlockers

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Adblockers and some plugins (e.g. uBlock, PoperBlocker, Adblock, NoScript, and Adlock) are designed to block content from 3rd party tools. If your users have Adblockers or plugins in their browsers, they might affect the functionality of UserGuiding tools.

How to minimize AdBlockers' effects on UserGuiding?

  • You can ask your users to deactivate their AdBlockers and plugins if they have them in their browsers.

  • You can upload Userguiding asynchronously to avoid interruptions to UserGuiding to your app's overall functionality. While this will not cause UserGuiding to begin showing if it's blocked, it will keep the blocked UserGuiding from breaking other parts of your application. We suggest doing this for any scripts or resources you think might be affected by Adblockers.

  • Installing the UserGuiding container with the Google Tag Manager might block the script in some cases. You might consider getting help from your developers to install the UserGuiding container into your platform's source code, as explained here.

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