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Learn how to benefit from the User Details Page, the User Activity Feed and the User Attributes Field

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The User Details Page is designed to provide insight into your users' actions and user-specific data. Every action a user takes on the timeline is reflected on the User Activity Feed, enabling you to track them.

To see the details of a specific user, you need to navigate to the User Details Page by clicking on a row in the Users Page under the Analytics menu.

User Attributes Field

Here, you can see the default properties of a user as well as the custom attributes assigned to a user via the identify method.

You can use the Search Bar to locate specific attributes and properties.

User Activity Feed

Every action the user takes on the timeline is listed here.

User Activity Feed Event Color Codes

There are three different types of events displayed on the feed.

  1. User-Defined Events

    Events collected via the track method are listed as User-Defined Events and are labeled orange.

  2. Onboarding Material Interactions

    The user's interaction history with the published material on your platform, such as Guide Preview Start, Survey Shown, Checklist Dismiss Option Click, etc., is displayed here. Onboarding Material Interactions are labeled blue.

  3. Page View Events

    Page View Events list the pages the user viewed, which are labeled green.

How can I delete a user?

You can delete users by clicking the Delete icon.

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