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Monitoring the Survey Results
Monitoring the Survey Results

Learn how to monitor Custom Survey analytics

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Within the Panel, under the Content section, you will find the Survey tab. When you click on it, all of your surveys will be displayed. Click on your desired one, and the analytics page will appear.

Within the Analytics section, you can showcase responses based on their corresponding dates. This includes the flexibility to view data for All Time, the Last 7 days, the Last 30 days, or the Last 90 days. Additionally, you can opt for a more customized approach by specifying a particular date range to observe results within that specific timeframe.

Survey Analytics

Total View: Total number of unique user IDs who have seen the survey.

Total Responses: Total number of unique user IDs who have responded to the survey.

Response Rate: The "Total Responses" ratio to "Total Shown".

Question Analytics: Answers will be rated based on the Survey question type.

Accessing Response Details

You can also access detailed information on any response through the Latest Responses section.

User ID: ID of the user that answered the Survey.

Answer Rating: Score given by a participant within the corresponding URL. The Name will change depending on the type of Question selected for the Survey.

Written Feedback: The participant's Answer to the Feedback Question.

Time: Date and time details of the corresponding Answer.

Export CSV: The button in the top-right corner to extract the Survey Data for further processing or data storage.

After clicking "Export CSV", you will have the option to select additional attributes to be included in your file.

Reset & Settings

To initialize the survey data and start over, all you have to do is click on the RESET SURVEY button in the upper right-hand corner. So, you can restart gathering survey data with your current survey.

Alternatively, by visiting SETTINGS, you can make changes to the survey, modify it, and then start collecting feedback for this new version from the beginning.

Deleting Survey Responses

You can delete a specific answer from the Survey Responses dashboard if you need to delete it.

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