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Creating Custom Surveys
Creating Custom Surveys

Learn how to create Surveys and microsurveys with UserGuiding

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As a business, you will need Surveys to get meaningful feedback and actionable insights from your users. In this article, we will explain how to create such questionnaires.

Creating the Survey

  • The first thing you should do is log in to your UserGuiding Account.

  • Once you've arrived in the Panel, navigate to the Content section and click on the Surveys tab.

There, you will find the Create a Survey button. Clicking on that will open a screen with a selection of templates you can use.

Let's go through each of them!

  1. Gather Feature Feedback

    For this template, we suggest you use the Thumps Up/Down or Written Feedback modals.

    ⭐️ You can select the "Required to answer" option to ensure the users cannot move on to the next question without answering this one.

  2. Measure Onboarding Satisfaction

    Star Rating modal is a great selection for measuring an experience on a scale.

  3. Collect Support Tickets

    Having a two-step Survey to collect and filter support tickets is a good way to keep everything organized.

    You can let the users pick the category of the ticket by using a Multiple Choice modal and follow it with a Written Feedback modal to gain insight into their inquiry.

  4. Measure NPS

    For this Survey, using the NPS Rating modal is the best option, ideally followed by a Written Feedback question to determine why the user voted for the score they've submitted.

    The existing Promoter Surveys will be replaced by this modal. You can learn more about it here.

  5. Deflect Churning Users

    Giving the users a couple of general options to choose from by using the Multiple Choice modal and adding a follow-up question asking for further feedback is a surefire way to gain insight into the churning users' behaviors.

  6. Collect Feature Requests

    Using the Written Feedback modal with a multi-line input field would give your users enough space to leave their thoughts in detail.

  7. Create From Scratch

    As the name suggests, here you can pick and choose your questions without any suggestions made by us.

Adding a Question

If you choose any template or create your Survey from scratch, you can click here to add questions:

Scale Descriptions

This is a customizability addition for star rating, number ratings, and nps rating type questions. This will allow you to describe your Survey's lowest and highest score mean.

'Other' Option

The 'Other' option for surveys allows you to receive tailored responses in multiple

selection questions.

Customizing Your Survey

You can change the Modal Width and the Choice Field Height on the question's configuration.

On the Customize tab, you will be presented with several other customization options. You can change the background color, the font, the shape of the modal, and its position. You also have the option to include a progression bar in your Survey.


To specify which page the survey appears before your end-users, define a target page URL and set a rule. Remember, you can designate multiple targets for your survey. You can find detailed information about Page Targeting here.

You can either show your survey to all of your users or define a specific user segment via Custom Segmentation.

Proceed by setting the Appearance settings, whether you want to ask for in-the-moment feedback or collect it sometime after the experience your end-user has had with your service. Learn more about Appearance Settings.

Then, choose the percentage of the users that will be sampled.

Lastly, designate the container where you would like to place the survey.

If you are satisfied with the result, make the survey visible to your end-users, visit the top of the page, and change its status to Active.

Save and Publish the changes you've made and start collecting your customers' feedback, as it is the key to understanding the future success of your company.

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