Data Management Overview

Discover How to Efficiently Manage Your Events and Attributes with the Data Page

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The Data Page is your key to gaining a deeper understanding of how to manage your custom attributes and events within UserGuiding. This feature empowers you to control and organize your data effectively.

Navigating to the Data Page

Accessing the Data Page is a breeze. Simply click on "Data" in the Settings menu, and you're on your way to harnessing the full potential of your data management capabilities.

Common Use Cases

Explore the Data Page for the following purposes:

1. Display Default User/Company Attributes and Events

Gain insights into the default user/company attributes (e.g., First/Last Interaction, device) and default user/company events (e.g., Checklist Complete, Hotspot Interaction, Survey Shown) provided by UserGuiding.

2. Manage Custom User/Company Attributes

Effortlessly display, archive, and modify the data format of custom user/company attributes that you transmit to UserGuiding. Whether it's User IDs, user roles, or country information, you're in control.

3. Manage Custom User/Company Events

Simplify your user/company events' organization by archiving actions such as button clicks, task creations, document openings, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

What actions can I perform on the Data Page?

The Data Page offers two key functions:

a. Archiving Data

Hide specific attributes or events from your Users page without deleting them or affecting their functionality within user/company segments. Please note that default attributes and events provided by UserGuiding cannot be archived.

b. Changing Data Format

Modify the format of your user/company attributes to suit your needs.

For instance, if you previously sent a value as a millisecond timestamp, you'll be able to change its format to date.

Can I change the data type of both user/company attributes and events?

No, you can only change the data type of the user/company attributes you send to UserGuiding. Data types of default attributes and events provided by UserGuiding cannot be altered.

Is it possible to change the data format of an attribute used in a user/company segment filter?

No, you cannot change the data format of an attribute if it is currently utilized as a filter in a user/company segment.

With the insights and capabilities offered by the Data Page, you can enhance your data management strategies and make the most of your UserGuiding experience.

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