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Uploading User Segments via CSV
Uploading User Segments via CSV
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Uploading User Segments via CSV

If you cannot filter a specific set of users on the Users Page and have a list of these users, you can create a new segment and import the list of users via CSV file! Here are some pre-requisites for this feature:

  • User Identification must be enabled on your UserGuiding account.

  • Only your previously identified users will be imported.

  • User IDs of the list must be equal to the User IDs of the Users Page.

Reminder: This feature doesn't identify new users, and it doesn't import companies. This means users not identified on the Users Page won't be imported to the segment.

Formatting a Segment CSV File

A CSV file should begin with a header row that provides column names. After that, each file row should contain data for a single user.

The first header row should be as follows:

You can add more columns to your file by providing the User Attributes you'd like to add to this segment.

Subsequent rows should provide values for each of these fields. Remember to download the spreadsheet on the CSV format.

Uploading Your CSV File

Once your CSV file is formatted correctly, upload it to the Users Page in your UserGuiding panel.

Click "New+" to create a new segment, then click "Manual Segment from CSV". After that, select the CSV file and choose the column with the User IDs. It's recommended that the User IDs column be the first one.

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