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Company Page Overview

Learn how you can improve your content’s performance by utilizing the Company-Level Insights and Segmentation

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In today’s data-driven business environment, leveraging account-level insights provides a strategic edge. Company Level Data offers deeper insights into account-level attributes, streamlining strategies and enhancing content effectiveness.

You can navigate to the Company Data by selecting "All Companies" under the Users menu. This page is your gateway to a comprehensive view of account-level insights, allowing you to differentiate data related to companies from individual user actions or attributes.

Common Use Cases

  • Segment Accounts: Categorize end-users based on company-specific attributes like name, size, or industry for targeted marketing.

  • Track Account Behavior: Monitor how different accounts/companies engage with your product, especially after introducing new features.

  • Customize Onboarding: Deliver tailored onboarding materials to users within the same account for a unified learning experience.

What can be done on the Company page?

Account-specific Analytics

Gain insights into:

  • Overall Engagement: Understand account/company interactions and identify adoption trends.

  • List and Segment Accounts: Filter accounts based on specific attributes for targeted analysis.

  • Track Engagement Across Companies: View collective engagement metrics for all users under a single account.

Important: The Company Page can display data for up to 10.000 users. Nevertheless, you can export a CSV of all users'(?) data.

Filtering and Segmenting

  • Enhance data analysis by filtering based on account attributes like company name, size, industry, etc.

  • Dig into your end-users by building user groups and creating user segments on the fly for targeting content to the right users at the right time

  • Let UserGuiding make use of company attributes to create powerful user segments & track engagement

Displaying Company Attributes

You can view and manage company attributes on the Company Page, making it easier to analyze account-level data effectively. This distinction between user and company data streamlines your analytics processes, ensuring clarity and precision in your strategies.

Addressing Complex Needs

This feature addresses clear account-level data management needs, including sharing onboarding materials across users in the same account and offering precise filtering options for better analysis and reporting.

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