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Company Details Page Overview
Company Details Page Overview

Learn how to benefit from the Company Details Page, the Company Activity Feed and the Company Attributes Field

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The Company Details Page offers insights into user actions linked to a specific company and their corresponding user-specific data. All user actions within a particular company are tracked on the Activity Feed, facilitating monitoring.

To see the details of a specific company, you need to navigate to the Company Details Page by clicking on a single row in the Company Page under the Users menu.

Company Attributes Field

This section displays custom attributes associated with a company/account via the identify method. The Search Bar helps in locating specific attributes and properties.

Activity Feed

The Activity Feed lists all actions undertaken by company users on the timeline.

Activity Feed Event Color Codes

Events on the feed fall into three categories:

  1. User-Defined Events

    Events captured through the track method appear as Custom Events and are denoted in orange.

  2. Onboarding Material Interactions

    The interaction history of company users with published material on the platform, such as Guide Preview Start or Survey Shown, is presented here in blue.

  3. Page View Events

    This section logs pages viewed by company users, highlighted in green.

Delete a company

You can delete companies by clicking the Delete icon on their details page.


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