What is the Product Updates?

Learn more about Product Updates, a comprehensive solution for communicating product changes, gathering feedback, and enhancing engagement.

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Product Updates is a centralized platform within UserGuiding that allows you to announce the latest releases for your product to your audience, communicate the value of these updates, and gather reactions and feedback. This feature provides a seamless integration within your app, ensuring that users can access the updates directly from within the application.

You can navigate to the Product Updates right on your panel sidebar.

What can be done on the Product Updates?

Centralized Communication Hub

One of the key aspects of the Product Updates feature is its ability to serve as a centralized platform for communicating product changes. Instead of scattering updates across various channels like emails, support tickets, or social media, your users can now conveniently access all the latest announcements in one place. This centralized hub streamlines the communication process, ensuring that customers are promptly informed about new features, improvements, bug fixes, and other changes to the product.

Enhanced User Engagement

Product Updates goes beyond just broadcasting changes; it facilitates two-way communication between product teams and users. Users can provide feedback, reactions, and suggestions directly within the platform, fostering a sense of community and collaboration around the product. This interactive engagement keeps users informed and empowers them to actively participate in shaping the product's evolution.

Transparent Documentation

Another valuable aspect of the Product Updates feature is its role in documenting the evolution of the product over time. By maintaining a comprehensive updates page, internal teams and customers can refer to previous announcements to understand the progression of features and changes. This transparency builds customer trust and helps internal teams track the product's development history.

Seamless Integration

To ensure a seamless user experience, Product Updates can be integrated within the app itself. Users can access the updates page directly from within the application, eliminating the need to navigate to external websites or resources. Additionally, features like "Booster" enhance visibility by making new announcements stand out through dynamic UI signals, ensuring that users don't miss critical developments.

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