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How to create and configure Product Updates page?
How to create and configure Product Updates page?
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Product Updates Page feature is designed to keep your users informed about the latest updates and news concerning your product. Below is a detailed guide to help you create and configure your page for optimal use.

After clicking "activate your page", navigate to the page settings from the left-side menu. Once there, you will find two tabs: Style and Configuration.


Here, you can customize the default hostname and make your Product Update Page live by activating it.


Shared Elements

Here you can:

  • remove UserGuiding Branding

  • choose your page's font style

  • adjust the roundness of the boxes on your page.

  • upload a small image (favicon) representing your brand or website.


You can customize the header of your Product Updates Page here.

You can upload your company's logo, which will appear at the top of the page, and specify the URL to which users will be directed when they click on your logo.

You can also customize the title and subtitle of your page and choose a background color that complements your brand.

Navigation Menu

The navigation menu that will appear on the left side of your page is also customizable.

You can activate label filtering, which will help keep your posts more organized, assign placeholder texts, and include a list of useful links for your users.


You can customize the footer of your page by adding your logo and links.

Creating Your First Post

To create an update post, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Posts tab and click on the New Post button.

  2. Add a title to your post. This title will be visible on your panel, not the live site.

  3. Upload an image if desired.

  4. Add labels to organize your product page. You can also select the date of the post.

  5. Write the body of your post.

  6. Enable a survey for users to rate the post and provide feedback.

You can enable "Reactions" under your Posts. Your users can react to the post by selecting one of the emojis and sending comments.


Boosters are used to draw attention to the Product Update Page and new posts. They are great tools for highlighting feature announcements. Here are the two boosters available:

Resource Center Launcher Tooltip: Adds a new post notification on your Resource Center Launchers whenever there is a new update.

You can also add a Product Updates tab inside your Resource Centers, allowing your users to view the updates without leaving the current page they are on.

Slide Out: A slide-out tooltip is displayed in your app's interface to notify the end user whenever there is a new update. This ensures that users know new updates when they open the app.

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