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Analyzing the Product Updates Report
Analyzing the Product Updates Report
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The product Updates Page feature is designed to keep your users informed about the latest updates and news concerning your product. It is crucial to analyze your posts' effectiveness and what your users think about them.

This article will cover how the reports page works and what information you can get from it.

Report Analytics

Page View

The page view lets you know how many users have viewed your Post. You can filter it daily, weekly, and monthly. Also, you can opt for a more customized approach by specifying a particular date range to observe results within that specific timeframe.


The reactions are the users' Feedback on your Post. You can see Happy, Neutral, or Sad emojis to understand how your users feel about that update you've posted.

They can also leave you Written Feedback to let you know their thoughts.

Accessing the Latest Response Details

You can also access detailed information on any response through the Latest Responses section.

User ID: ID of the user who saw the Post.

Post Name: The name of the Post the user has seen.

Reaction: The Reaction your user gave to your Post.

Written Feedback: The participant's Answer to the Reaction.

Time: Date and time details of when the user saw the Post.

Export CSV: The button in the top-right corner to extract the Post Data for further processing or data storage.

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