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Defining and Tracking Goals
Defining and Tracking Goals

Define and track specific actions your users take on your platform as Goals.

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Want to know how your users interact with your platform? By setting specific actions as goals, you can easily define and track them.

These Goals allow you to pinpoint and evaluate key behaviors and interactions crucial to your platform’s success. You can gain insights into user engagement and overall performance by tracking these defined actions.

To create a goal, navigate to the Goals tab from the left side menu and click the Create a Goal button.

You can use UserGuiding material interactions to define your Goals as default. However, you can also set custom events as Goals for more specific insights.

You can learn how to send custom attributes to UserGuiding here.

If you don't want all of your users included in the Goal process, you can select segments of users as the target audience.

Once your Goal is created you will be able to see the number of users who completed it within the past seven days and how it compares to the previous week.

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