The most common questions about UserGuiding's content and materials.

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How do I customize my Hotspot beacon?
How to update changes on Guides and Hotspots?
How can I organize my content?
How can I delete a step in a Guide?
Can I create Guides that span across different URLs?
Why is my Guide redirecting to its old targeting URL even though I changed it?
How to merge two different Guides?
How can I add a form to my Guide?
How can I add images/GIFs and videos to my Guides and Hotspots?
How to trigger a Guide with a hyperlink?
How to select a dropdown menu as the element of a Guide step?
How do I show the Guides only to my new users?
How do I show UserGuiding content only to myself?
How to set autofill when highlighting an input field with a Guide?
Can users interact with the highlighted area on the tooltip steps?
How can I change the Hotspot Beacon z-index to overcome conflicts with existing elements?
Can I restore a Guide that I deleted?
Why do I get the "Selected element is hidden" error?
How does the UserGuiding Net Promoter Survey tool keep track of the responses?
Can the Checklist launcher icon be different on two different pages?
Launcher Icon Image Settings
Is there a limit on the number of modules added to a Resource Center?
Which Knowledge Base Providers are Compatible with the Resource Center?
Why is my Checklist not showing up?
Can I have multiple Checklists on the same URL?
Can I adjust the size of the Checklist?
How can I fix a blurry video I embedded?
How can I remove the delay when skipping a Guide step?
How can I create conditional Guides with multiple choices?
Can I export my Guide's content?
How can I keep showing a Guide until the user completes it?
Is it possible to make a Guide for a browser extension?
How can I show my Guides in the desired order?
Why can't I see my Hotspot on my website?
Why does my video stop when I hover away from my Hotspot?
Can I have multiple Surveys?
Can I identify the users who responded to my Survey?
Do you send e-mail notifications for NPS/Net Promoter Survey responses?
How can I filter my Survey responses by date?
Can I see the interaction for each module in Resource Center?
Why is my Resource Center not showing up?
How can I add emojis to my Guides and Hotspots?
Can I track which users have clicked on a button/link from my Guide/Hotspot?
How can I add GIFs/images to my Guides/Hotspots?
How can I customize the quit button for my Guides/Hotspots?
Can I highlight two HTML elements at the same time?
Why is an incorrect HTML element being highlighted?
I can't see the blue outline when I highlight an HTML element
Can I customize the outline's color when highlighting an HTML element?
Can I undo the deletion/removal of my content?
How to use the AND/OR conditions?